Update of Feb 13th, 2018

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Update of Feb 13th, 2018

Postby Felicia Farmer » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:00 am

Howdy Farmers!

Today's update is here:

1.A Cruise to Remember
a cruise to remember icon.png
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Unlocked at level 24, 18 days left. Final Reward Martian, eats Vigorous Herb, produces Mars Meteor Dust in 80s. Martian has a special animation when put together with Venusian.
last chance for the final reward will end at Mar. 5th.

:?: How to play?

-Complete missions to obtain Pink Rose Flower Bud.
-SEND and CLICK on posts to obtain Pink Rose Flower Bud: max of 6 by sending posts, and a max of 10 by clicking on posts (per day).
-Exchange your Pink Rose Flower Bud for amazing rewards. Remember, you can exchange for each reward once, one after the other during the first round. After the first round, trade for whichever reward you like.

Make sure to trade in your Pink Rose Flower Bud before the deadline. If you have any left over afterwards, they'll be tradeable for OP later on!

2.New items & Store Changes

Napa Cabbage: unlock level 24,3 RC to unlock,5 hours to grow,160 coins

Valentine's Flambe Machine,12 free materials+12 free materials+5RC+6RC paid materials to build,unlock level 24,10000 coins
Added new products using Rum, Napa Cabbage, Bamboo Leaves and Mars Meteor Dust as ingredient.
Love Bamboo: produces Bamboo Leaves in 10h
Hot Pot Machine, Quiche Machine, Driftwood Tree, Painted Driftwood Machine, Pancake Art Machine, Bubble Blower Machine added to store, 20 days left

3. Discounts in the Store:
Many items are now on sale. Check more details in the Store.

PLAY GAME NOW! > http://ff.funplus.com/familyfarm
Note: The information provided from the Forum is only supplied as a reference, if any discrepancy is found between the information from the Forum and in game, information from in game will prevail.

Felicia :P
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