Which Machines Can I Use Without RC Or Employees?

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Which Machines Can I Use Without RC Or Employees?

Postby Felicia Farmer » Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:11 am

For a description of each Machine, please see the Game Guide on Machines: http://familyfarm-forum.socialgamenet.com/viewforum.php?f=21

There are some machines for which you need materials or employees in order to complete them. Fortunately, most machines don’t need all that: you can use them right after you place them on your farm.

Machines for which you need only coins
These are the machines that you can buy with ordinary coins. You don’t need any materials or employees for them.

Wine Maker
Jam Machine
Salami Machine
Cheese Master
Ketchup Wiz
Sugar Machine
Cool Packer
Flower Bouquet Machine
Oil Press
BBQ Machine
Pizza Machine
Pie Machine
Hot Dog Machine
Can Machine
Butter Machine
Perfume Machine* :!:

:!: *You can build the Perfume Machine without any RC or employees too, but to produce perfume, you need Honey that is made by the Provence Bees. For this beehive, you need some RC after all.

:idea: Investment Hint: Fruit Pies from the Pie Machine make good profit.

Machines for which you need Materials
For some machines, you need to get materials in order to complete them. You can get many materials as free gifts from your neighbors, but some materials are only available for RC. Below is a list of the machines for which you need materials, with an indication of how many RC you will need for them.

Coffee Machine (free gifts + 13 RC)
Cake Machine (free gifts + 7 RC)
Candy Machine (free gifts + 22 RC)
Cream Machine (free gifts + 22 RC)
Hamburger Machine (free gifts + 29 RC)
Mario's Pizza Machine (Pizza Machine 2) (free gifts + 16 RC)

Machines for which you need employees
Finally, there are 2 machines for which you need to find employees. Or better said: you need to find a few new players for the game. You can only invite Facebook friends for this who do not yet play the game. If you have trouble finding those, the alternative is to hire personnel for 4 RC per person. These are the machines:

Yoghurt Machine (5)
Beer Machine (5)

:arrow: For 1 Building, you also need employees. This is the Warehouse (3 employees, find new players or pay 5 RC per employee).
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