Why is my Machine/Warehouse/Mission Not Counting my Invites?

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Why is my Machine/Warehouse/Mission Not Counting my Invites?

Postby Felicia Farmer » Fri Apr 20, 2012 10:57 pm

When you send invitations to complete the Beer Machine, the Yogurt Machine, the Warehouse or the Mystery Animal Mission, these 3 things are vital:

1. You have to find people that are friends on Facebook, but do not yet play the game.

2. You have to send the invitations from within the machine, warehouse or mission. Not by any other way!

3. The friends then have to accept your invitation by clicking the link they find in your request. Not become a player in any other way!

Only if these 3 criteria are met, will the game count your new neighbors in the machine, warehouse or mission.

Are you sure the game is wrong?
If you are absolutely sure you sent out the invitations in the correct way, and you friend accepted the invitation in the correct way, but still the machine, warehouse or mission does not count them, please let us know.

Use the link to Contact the Developer to contact us. You can find this link all the way in the bottom left corner of the game screen.

When you mail us:
1. Enter a correct mail address.
2. Tick the box to let us know who you are.
3. Mail us the Facebook User ID's of the players that should be in your machine, warehouse or mission. (Or mail us the links to their profile pages.)

We need all these things to be able to assist you!
I don't reply to private messages for help in the game.
Please contact the Help and Support team HERE.
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