The Great Skiing Race event

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The Great Skiing Race event

Postby Sophia FunPlus » Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:48 am

The Great Skiing Race.PNG

Unlocked at level 16, available until Jan. 11th.

Win Race Coins from the races and exchange for great rewards with the Race Coins, which are 10 Super Fertilizer, Quaking Aspen and Flying Monkey!

The three animals are Squirrel, Snow Yeti and Flying Monkey, each has different chance of winning and give different amount of Race Coins for a win. The Squirrel is available since the beginning while the Snow Yeti and Flying Monky need to be unlocked by winning more races.

Note: After some races, your animals will need time to replenish their energy. Each animal will require different amount of time to recover.

How to replenish energy for an animal:

1. Invite Facebook Friends who haven't played our game to restore energy but only once a day.
2. Purchase energy with RC.

How to get Race Coins:

1. Skiing race
2. Click on neighbors' post. (Macimum 10 Race Coin per day).
3. Double Coins booster can help double the Race Coins you win.
4. Purchase Race Coin with RC.

Neighbor Race:

Different from the regular race, Neighbor Race has separate Neighbor Ranking, win counts and uses separate energy from the one in regular race.


We have Global Reward, Level Reward and Neighbor Ranking, three kinds of rewards for you!

The 10 Super Fertilizer, Quaking Aspen and Flying Monkey can only be exchanged one after the other for the first time.

After the Skiing Race event finishes, you have 48 hours to collect the rewards if you've achieved a high ranking.

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