Tasha's Magical Message Part I

These are missions which can be accepted and started whenever you want. Be careful to not accept too many at the same time, as once accepted you have a certain number of days to finish it! If the mission expires before you finish it, you will have an option to extend the mission for 5 more days but this option is only available ONCE.

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Tasha's Magical Message Part I

Postby Sophia FunPlus » Tue Dec 25, 2018 1:47 am

Unlock level: 50
Finish in: 15 days
Final reward: Jaguar or Foam Bath Machine
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Step 1
- Plant 25 Cranberry

Step 2
- Have a Angel Trumpet Tree on your farm
- Feed Green Lettuce to your White Alpaca to produce 25 Alpaca Hair

Step 3
- Harvest 4 Angel Trumpet Flower from your Angel Trumpet Tree
- Produce 25 Alpaca Toy in your Toy Machine

Step 4
- Feed Cranberry to your Keel-billed Toucan to produce 25 Keel-billed Toucan Feather
- Produce 4 Angel Trumpet Flower Essential Oil in your Essential Oil Machine

Step 5
- Harvest 25 Grape
- Produce 25 Toucan Feather Hat in your Hat Machine

Step 6
- Produce 4 Apple Angel Holiday Holiday Truffle in your Holiday Truffles Machine
- Produce 25 Raisin Bread in your Fruit Bread Machine

Step 7
- Produce 5 Strawberry Salt Water Taffy in your Salt Water Taffy Machine
- Craft a Purple Fairy Light Jar in your Workshop(Find Purple Moonlight in your Giftbox)

Step 8
- Ask 6 Golden Scroll from your neighbor

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