Family Farm Group Managers Only

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Family Farm Group Managers Only

Postby admin » Thu Nov 27, 2014 3:02 pm

Hi everyone,

A lot of things have been done in the past years and a lot of small and big improvements have been made. We hope you enjoy our game as much as we are doing our best to provide a game fun and fair to everyone.

Recently some people have been misleading the audience and claimed they know development and can get special privilege from us. This is totally impossible as the game is fair to everyone and until now we didn't have any group or channel managed by our team where we would take or give any special information.

Apart from our mods or ambassadors who we can have a special relationship with, developers will never talk directly to any player about work related things or future updates. We are not allowed either to make some special treatments for any player. We at FunPlus value all our players and the right channel for reporting any player's problem and being able to fix technical issue is the Help and Support page.

For now after having been working hard on giving our players a nice customer support through Help and Contact, we have decided to work on the communication with players groups. Facebook groups have been an important way of support for all players, to discuss ideas and give feedbacks.

If you are interested to join our special group for managers only, you can find us by searching on Facebook.

1/ To be fair and representative to each group, we will only consider submissions for active groups of more than 300 members and will only allow 2 members of each group to join us.
Only the owner/creator or the main admin of a players group should ask to join first!
Once that you are accepted in our special channel you can then let us know if you want one of your co-admin to join with you.

2/ We are now trying our best to check all applications checked every Monday, and if you request joining this group, we will contact you first to check that you understand that you will be representative for one group only.
Accepted members will be added on Thursdays if no problem.

3/ This group will be used as a special channel between managers of Family Farm fan groups and Family Farm administrators team.
We will only discuss about Family Farm US version game (no other language game).

As it's a work group where group managers choose to exchange their views and to give feedback about their members, as representatives of their group, any potential candidate or member of this special group will be required to follow some group ethics i.e.:

A/ respect towards each others and more importantly, respect towards other peers' work. If a file or information is taken in another group or from someone else's work, the authorization should be first asked to the original group or to the owner of the information.

B/ no addition in their own group without asking first if the person wants to be added inside the related group.
One group which has a majority of members who were added without requiring or asking first if the potential member wants to be added in a group, won't have the same group participation or feedback as a group which has less members, but where these members really chose to join in and to help each other.

Thanks for your understanding.
Family Farm team
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