Shock Absorber manufacturers

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Shock Absorber manufacturers

Postby momu202 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:28 am

Fitting Position: Front Axle
Shock Absorber System: Twin-Tube
Shock Absorber Type: Gas Pressure
Shock Absorber Mounting Type: Top pin
CHEVROLETASTRO Bus 4.392'-94'LB4112Kv/152Hp4296Sm3PetrolBus
CHEVROLETASTRO Bus 4.394'-05'LB4142Kv/193Hp4296Sm3PetrolBus
CHEVROLETASTRO Bus 4.3 Luxury86'-89'LB4119Kv/162Hp4296Sm3PetrolBus
CHEVROLETASTRO Bus 4.3 Luxury89'-94'LB4119Kv/162Hp4296Sm3PetrolBus
CHEVROLETASTRO Bus 4.3 Luxury AWD89'-94'LB4119Kv/162Hp4296Sm3PetrolBusShock Absorber manufacturers
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