Hope Land (The Fifth Ranch)

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Hope Land (The Fifth Ranch)

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Hope Land

Unlock Level: 100

You may be wondering what you can do in Hope Land. Well let me tell you, there's plenty of fun to be had!

In Hope Land you can take care of baby prehistoric animals and train them, feed them and help them grow. You can also enhance trees and crossbreed new trees. Click on the Help button (Darryl's Mom) on left hand side of the game for more info.


There are some areas which are not yet available in Hope Land but will become open in future. For now, the following features below will be available to you, but note that as you increase your Hope Land level, more and more of these will be unlocked:
Mammoth Home, Hope Land Workshop, Mini Arctic Tundra, Newborn Cave, Adventure Arc, Play Park, Super Storehouse, Enhancer Crafting Station, Tree Lab.
*(Note: some areas can only be unlocked when reaching a certain Hope Land level)

These buildings, habitats and mini lands can only be used on Hope Land. They can't be deleted or stored but they can be moved, with the exception of the Adventure Arc.
When first starting out in Hope Land, you’ll be given some starter items in-game to help you get going. For more details, please check them out in your game.
There are 11 obstacles (Stones on the ground) in the Hope Land ranch area. You’ll need to finish mission tasks to remove these before being able to use the land.

How to play in Hope Land

1. Hope Land Animals:

Are you ready to raise your own prehistoric animals? Let’s have a look at how:

This time, we’ve released four animals into Hope Land, of which are Smart Betty, Friendly Bob, Self-important Klara and Sad Bert. Each animal has four stages to grow into- Baby, Teenager, Adult and Senior. These four stages are broken up into 10 Animal Levels and 5 Skill Levels.

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Note: Only Adult animals with a Skill Level of at least 1 can mate.

Between them, the 4 mammoths share 1 general product (for Mammoths, it’s Mammoth Dung), 2 special products and three types of Skill.

1) Animal Home:

Animals can be placed here after they are purchased in the Store, you can feed, train and play with animals here (as required from orders) to increase their Animal Level and Skill Level. The order can be refreshed 8 times for free and can be bought if you need more.

When upgrading the the Skill Level of Hope Land Animals you’ll get Tokens, which can then be used to increase the Skill limit, to exchange for other types of tokens and to buy new Hope Land Animals.

2) Play Park:

Here you can choose a spot to place your Hope Land Animal in, but you can’t feed, train, or play with them inside the Play Park. Currently only one animal can be placed inside, and it’s for free! Stay tuned for more animals spots becoming available later on.

You can also release the Hope Land Animal into the wild from here, but bear in mind that once Hope Land Animals are released, they’ll be gone for good. When your Hope Land Level is more than or equal to 5, you can release animals back into the wild.
If a baby animal or teenager animal is released, you’ll only get some Hope Land EXP and Fossils in return. If an adult or senior animal is released, a photo of the animal will also be kept in the Family Album.

3) Newborns Cave:

Open only to animals Level>=5, and Skill Level >=1. You can select his/her mate from your own Ranch or from Neighbors.
The baby animal can inherit the skill from either their father or mother.

4) Mini Lands:
There are 4 mini lands in Hope Land. They work similarly to Marble Snails, and these mini lands are Mini Arctic Tundra, Mini New Zealand Forest, Mini Siberia Steppe, and Mini Jurasic Land. For now, only Mini Arctic Tundra is online, but stay tuned for the others!

These mini lands provide food ingredients and toy ingredients for Hope Land Animals. Mini Arctic Tundra gives Glacier Water, Glacial Beard Moss, Glacial Nickel Ore, Glacial Nickel Ore, Glacial Ambrite, and Glacial Velvet Moss.

5) Hope Land Workshop:
In the Hope Land Workshop you can produce Food, Toys, Training Tools and Mating Supports for Animals.

2. Hope Land Trees:

In Hope Land, you can enhance trees in order to turn them into Prized Trees. You can also crossbreed trees after the Prized Trees have turned into Noble Trees.

1.How to enhance a tree?

1) Enhancer:

Firstly you’ll need Enhancers, which can be made in the Enhancer Crafting Station by completing orders. You can use RC to refresh the order to get new ones. Note: there’s a limit of 3 orders per day which you can complete.

2) Enhancer panel:

After you get the Enhancer, you can use it by clicking on “Use” from the Enhancer panel on the top right of the screen. It works just like a Watering Can.

*You can also check which kind of trees can be enhanced into Prized Trees by clicking on “Tree List” from the Enhancer panel.

3) Prized Trees:

When a tree has been Enhanced, it will turn into a Prized Tree and produce one prized fruit in addition to a normal Fruit when you harvest it. The Prized Trees will have ribbons on, and you can check how many times left to harvest a prized tree by hovering your cursor over it.

4) Noble Tree:

After a limited number of harvests, the tree will enter its final stage; Noble Tree. A Noble Tree will have a sign on it, and it can be used to crossbreed into new trees in the Tree Lab.

2.How to Crossbreed a new Tree:

1) Add Noble Trees into the Tree Storehouse.

Note: When crossbreeding a tree, there’s a chance to succeed but it’s not guaranteed. Whether you succeeded in crossbreeding into a new tree or not, the materials used will be consumed.

New crossbred trees will be added into your Gift Box. When you place it on the ranch, it will first be shown as a Sapling.

2) Water the Sapling:

There will be a hint telling you how many times the Sapling needs to be watered.
Every day you’ll have 3 Energy to water Sapling Trees. You can also Ask your Neighbors to help you water it. Every Sapling can be watered by your Neighbors for a maximum of three times per day.

After being watered enough times, the tree will grow into a mature state, and will then be the same as any normal tree.
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