Animal Parade Feature

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Animal Parade Feature

Postby Felicia Farmer » Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:55 am

Animal Parade Feature

Hi Farmers!

You may have noticed that there is a tent next to the NPC home. It’s a new feature that we released on Feb 23rd named Animal Parade. Here I’m giving you a brief introduction to it. Here we go!

access animal parade.png

This feature is unlocked if you are level 35+.

In this feature, you can register animals on your Farm, earn Parade points and Vouchers, and exchange them for some nice rewards!

How to play:

1. You can register animals in your game by signing them up (this will take a certain time, different for each animal)

begin sign up.png

2. After registering the animal, you will receive Parade Points and Parade Vouchers.
** Please note that you'll have one stage available at the beginning, and the 2nd stage can be unlocked for 6 RC.

Updated on Mar 21st: You can now unlock the 3rd stage for 6 RC.

3. Parade Vouchers could be exchanged for rewards in the Parade Store.

parade points and parade vouchers.png

4. The function has different collections. Once you finish a collection of 3 animals, you will get a certain number of Honor Points.

collect honor points.png

5. Global Goal: Every time each of you sign up an animal, the Global progress will improve.

There are 3 tabs in the screen: Parade Center, Current Parades and Parade Store

Parade Center


A. You can see the different categories on top of the screen (holiday, entertainment, fantasy,...)
B. The different sub-categories are on the left of the screen.
C. For each sub-category, there are different collections. You can browse through the collection in the category with the yellow arrows.
D. The subscription-time for this animal
E. The Progress made towards the Global Goal
F. You can see your Parade Points and Parade Vouchers on top of the screen

:!: Note: Animals that you already possess have a green edge.

Current Parades
When you are registering an animal, you can see the progress in the Current Parades screen (A.)
You can unlock more Parades by spending RC. You can have at most 2 parades at the same time.

current parades.png

Parade Store
In the Parade Store, you can exchange your Parade Vouchers for rewards.

parade points and parade vouchers.png
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