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Farm Team Introduction

Postby Felicia Farmer » Wed Dec 30, 2015 7:18 am

Farm Team (Guild System) Introduction

Hi Farmers!

With today’s update the Farm Team function is online! It’s a brand new feature in the game and I’m here to tell you how it works. I’ll try to cover all aspects related to the feature, and use pictures to assist. Here we go!

What is Farm Team (Guild System)?

Farm team is a system where you can join a team/guild and play together!

Team system is unlocked at level 30. It is FREE to join a Farm Team but it will cost you 30RC to CREATE a team.

According to the owner of a farm team, there might be some additional requirements to join a guild, like being higher than certain level; or ‘invited only’ to join.

*NPC’s home:
Since we launched the Farm Team, the outside part of farm was reorganized. Darryl, Farm Club, Cropinator and the blue car to change the weather are enclosed in a small yard.

NPC's home.png

Where to start the Farm Team function?

To get started, you can click on the William’s icon on left hand side of the game screen. Then there will be a tutorial to give a brief introduction.

William's icon.png
William's icon.png (14.05 KiB) Viewed 3181 times

Or you can just click on the Mushroom House near market order house.

access guild from mushroom house.png

Either join a current Farm Team to help each other or create a new guild and act as the owner!

introduction panel.png

Team Scene
Here is a view of the team scene.

guild scene.png

There are a total of 5 parts on it:
Team House (the Mushroom);
Tree Book House (Book-shaped Building)
Adventure Map (Blue and purple stone room)
Team Shop
Magic Beanstalk Event

Team House:

team house.png
team house.png (159.7 KiB) Viewed 3181 times

The Team House allows you to check team member info, help guild members with market order, send messages to all other members and search and view other guilds’ information.

You can invite others to join your team, remove someone from your team. You can also leave a team from there (but if you are a team owner, you’ll have to pass your owner position to others before leaving).

:!: **You will be able to join a new guild 24 hours after leaving the last guild.

Tree Book House (Book-shaped Building)

tree book house.png
tree book house.png (169.5 KiB) Viewed 3181 times

It is a place where you can donate products to the guild to make it stronger. On each page of the book, there is a tree. Donate products made of the fruit from that tree you can get coins (for normal ranch), guild EXP and blue crystals.

In each page, there will be a donation leaderboard. When this page is finished, the top three donators will be rewarded.

Adventure Map (Blue and purple stone room)

adventure map.png
adventure map.png (225.41 KiB) Viewed 3181 times

When filling crates in the market order, you’ll receive also the Adventure Points. The more crates you fill in, the more adventure points you’ll have. The upper count of adventure points is the total of your guild and the lower one is your own count. The higher guild count is, the further the guild will reach on the map. On each of the map there will be 6 treasure chests and your own guild EXP will help unlock those chests and get rewards.

Once all the treasure chests were opened, you’ll win an animal as reward. The animals are Arctic Muskox, Valley Deer, White Camel for the current 3 maps.

Team Shop

team shop.png
team shop.png (180.48 KiB) Viewed 3181 times

You can use the rewards you get from Adventure map and Tree book house (blue crystals and purple crystals) to buy rare items from Team shop.

Magic Beanstalk Event is coming soon!

magic beanstalk event.png
magic beanstalk event.png (198.38 KiB) Viewed 3181 times

Exit the System
The little ‘home’ icon on right hand side of the screen will bring you back home!

back to main ranch.png
back to main ranch.png (9.47 KiB) Viewed 3181 times
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