Farmer's Honor Feature / VIP Feature Introduction

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Farmer's Honor Feature / VIP Feature Introduction

Postby Felicia Farmer » Fri Aug 14, 2015 5:40 am

Farmer's Honor Feature / VIP Feature Introduction

On Aug 14th, 2015 our brand new Farmer’s Honor Feature is online! With this new feature you'll get points for many many things you do in the game. The points will turn into levels, and then finally into privileges you can enjoy in the game! Now check this out first and then go get your Honor points farmers!

Brief introduction:

Farmer's Honor Feature is also known as VIP Feature. You will get Farmer's Honor Points by purchasing RC or Coins, or performing certain actions in the game. When enough Farmer's Honor Points are obtained, you will level up Famer's Honor Stage, and unlock various Honor Privileges in the game.

:?: Where can I check my Honor Stage?
You can go to your Farm club house, click Farmer’s Honor tab. The little golden crown on top right with number on it shows which stage you are now at.

Reach Honor Stage 1 became an Honor Farmer
:!: If you aren't an Honor Farmer you will not see the Honor Shop tab in the Store.

:?: How to get to Farmer's Honor Points?
1.Purchase RC or Coins via PC/Mobile/Giftcard (For the RC or coins you bought before the feature is online, you’ll still get honor points.)
2.Through Farmer's Mile Stone, which is in FarmClub

Farmer's Milestone (in the farm club):

Great Farmer

You will get Farmer's Honor Points in different conditions, which include:
1.Log in the game;
2.Upgrade your Warehouse/Tree Storehouse/Decoration Warehouse/Drying House;
3.Upgrade your Water Well/Reed Land;
4.Use Organic/Super/Bionic Fertilizer
5.Use Oragnic/Super/Bionic Watering Can
6.Use Rain/Thunderstorm/Bionic FarmDuster/Rainbow
7.Use Cropinator
8.Fish in the Fishing Pond
9.Using Super Aquatic Fertilizer/Bionic Aquatic Fertilizer/Super Aquatic Watering Can
10.Open Message Box from the submarine;

Farmer's Milestone:

Mission Completer
Your will get Farmer's Honor Points by completing Special Missions, time limited mission, and Animal Habitat Missions.
Only missions updated after vip feature will give Honor Points.
For animal habitat missions:
The lowest level interval will get 35 honor points, the 4 interval will get 35/40/45/50 honor points.
For special missions, they are: 30/35/40/45 honor points;
For time limited missions, they are 20/25/30/35 honor points;

Farmer's Honor Privilege:

You can check in your game the privileges for the current stage and next stage.
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