Submarine Adventure Guide

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Submarine Adventure Guide

Postby Sophia FunPlus » Thu Dec 04, 2014 5:44 am

Submarine Adventure is now here! Family Farm provides you with the opportunity to explore the underwater world with your neighbors. You’ll be amazed by the mystery treasures you can find underwater.

1, Finish constructing the Submarine

If you are Water Level 6 or above, you are able to construct the incomplete Submarine. You need 2*10 Free Materials to complete the construction.


2, Submarine Introduction

After finishing the construction, you'll see the Submarine Adventure main panel. This is where you sent off the submarine. Here is some information on how it works:

A. Choose one NPC: You need to choose one NPC to start the adventure. Different NPCs need different supplies, different lengths of time to explore, and can find different treasures.
Unlock Level for NPC:
Darryl - unlock at Water Level 6
Felicia - unlock at Water Level 12
William - unlock at Water Level 20

When you get enough Water EXP from the adventure, your NPC will level up. When each NPC levels up, you can receive some great rewards.

4.PNG (248.55 KiB) Viewed 1890 times

B. Choose your co-pilot: You can go for the adventure alone, or invite one neighbor as your co-pilot. Your co-pilot will get 1 Organic Fertilizer as a reward after the adventure is complete, and he/she will receive a notification in gift box.
When you invite the co-pilot, you DON’T need to wait for him/her to respond to the invitation before starting the adventure. Simply select your co-pilot and go!
Note: Co-pilot’s reward may change periodically without further notice.

C. Prepare Supplies: You need 1-2 different supplies for each adventure. Different NPCs at different levels need different supplies and different adventure time periods. Here is the list of adventure time periods:

9.PNG (8.46 KiB) Viewed 1891 times

D. Reward: This area shows the treasure you could find after the adventure. You will always get Water EXP and a Coins reward, and have a chance to find Material Box, Ingredient Box, and other great rewards.
Please Note:
1, Water EXP will be added to your account, which helps you to level up your NPC and level up in your Water Ranch.
2, The Green/Orange/Red circle around the treasure box indicates the chance you have of finding that treasure box.

Green - High Chance
Orange - Medium Chance
Red - Low Chance

E. Decline Button: Required supplies will change for each adventure, so you can decline a specific adventure if the required supplies are not suitable. Please note: The submarine will go under water after declining the task, and you can either wait for it to come back, or accelerate the speed of its return with RC.

F. Submarine State: Your submarine needs repairing after a few adventures. This icon shows the status of your submarine.
10.PNG (11.37 KiB) Viewed 1891 times
Hover your cursor over the blue icon, and you’ll see how many adventures are left until the next time it requires repairing. The Icon will turn RED when you have 2 adventures left.

This is the Submarine repairing panel. There are 2 ways to repair the submarine:
1- Ask for FREE materials from Neighbors to get 12 adventure chances.
2- Use 10 RC to get 25 adventure chances immediately.

3, Start the adventure!

When you’re ready, click the ‘Start!’ button to begin the adventure. Your submarine will go under water and when you click on it, the following panel will show you its status. You can either wait for it to come back, or simply accelerate the adventure with RC if you don’t want to wait.

When the submarine comes back, it’s time to find out what treasure you got. There’s nothing more exciting than this! The following panel shows the treasure you found. Collect rewards by clicking the button. Please note:

1. Water EXP will be added to your Water Level and NPC Level (you will find which NPC was chosen for the adventure on the left side picture).
2. Coins will be added to your account.
3. Treasure boxes will go into your Giftbox. Go to your Giftbox located on the bottom-right of the game screen to open the treasure boxes.
4. Your co-pilot will get 1 Organic Fertilizer which is automatically added to his/her Giftbox when you collect your reward.

So that wraps up the complete cycle for the Submarine Adventure mission. What are you waiting for? Come join us and explore the mysterious underwater world!

Note: Your neighbor who was taken on the adventure with you will receive the notification of Organic Fertilizer as attached:
inbox notification.png
inbox notification.png (8.09 KiB) Viewed 1873 times
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