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Special Delivery Boxes

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:52 am
by Felicia Farmer
Special Delivery Boxes are Family Farm's Mystery Gift. The box contains 1, possibly 2, and if you're very lucky maybe even 3 gifts. These gifts are randomly selected from the Free Gifts section.

To send a Special Delivery Box, click the square icon with the circled number (max. 30) on it.
You then see a screen with a number of friends. Select to whom you want to send the Special Delivery, and click to send.

Not only neighbors can appear here, also non playing Facebook friends.

You can't change the selection of the people who appear here (unless you send the Special Delivery first).

You can send a normal gift and Special Delivery to the same person on the same day. You can only send 1 Special Delivery Box to each person per day.

There is a (very small) chance that the Special Delivery Box contains fertilizer, OP or 1 RC.