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Availability: From level 15
Price: 15,000

Use this building to: Store machines, animals and decorations that you don't want to use at the moment, but still want to keep.

Materials needed to complete it:
No materials, but you need to find 3 Employees.
To find those, invite 3 non playing Facebook friends. If they accept your invitation by clicking your request, they became players of Family Farm and they will appear in your Warehouse as Employee.
You can also hire your Employees for 5 RC per employee.

To store stuff:
Click the Storage Icon to store stuff. Select this tool and then simply click any machine, animal or decoration that you want to store.

- You can't store trees or seeds.
- Your machines have to be finished, and completely empty before you can store them.
- Your animals have to have an empty feed box, and you must have collected all their products, before you can store them.
- You can level up your Warehouse. When you do, you can store more items in it. To level up until level 10 (store 90 items), you need materials that you can get as free gifts from your neighbors. To level up further, you need the same kind of materials, plus either a saw, a hammer or a storage rack. The maximum number of items you can store is 190.
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