Water Well

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Water Well

Postby Felicia Farmer » Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:14 am

Availability: From level 10
Price: 10,000
Use this building to: Make all Crops that have a Sprinkler installed, grow 15% faster.

Materials needed to complete it:
10 Stones (1 RC each, or free gift from neighbors)
8 Wood Beams (1 RC each, or free gift from neighbors)
10 Irrigation Pipes (1 RC each, or free gift from neighbors)
1 Water Pump (10 RC)
1 Drill Gear (15 RC)

Remember: You also have to install Sprinklers in order to make good use of the Water Wall. Once you have completed the Water Well, you can install your first Sprinklers. You can buy Sprinklers for 1 RC in the Store, but you can also get them as free gifts from your friends.

Leveling up
The Water Well can be leveled up. This takes more materials, which you can by for RC, or get as free gifts from neighbors. The higher the level of your Water Well, the more Sprinklers it can sustain.

When you want to level up, you can buy all the necessary materials in 1 click for a number of RC. Mind you: This is excluding the Sprinklers mentioned in the screen!

A level 1 Water Well can have 50 Sprinklers installed.
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