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Super Greenhouse

Postby Felicia Farmer » Sat Apr 07, 2012 5:11 am

You can put trees as well as crops inside (together if you want). They'll grow 40% faster than normal.

To build the Super Greenhouse, you need:
1. LOTS of space for this structure is B I G .
2. 20,000 coins
3. Materials: 25 Blue Pipes, 25 Glass Panes (both as free gifts from neighbors), and 4 Ventilation Windows (for 3 RC each).

:idea: You can put the Super Greenhouse on a Yard, but you will not be able to put crops in it, because you can't put crops on a Yard.
:idea: If you put only trees in the Super Greenhouse, it can hold 12 trees.
:idea: If you put only crops in the Super Greenhouse, it can hold 42 crops.
:idea: To further increase the growth speed, you can install Sprinklers inside the Super Greenhouse. Crops will be faster by 40% + 15% = 55%.

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