Candy Shop Introduction

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Candy Shop Introduction

Postby Felicia Farmer » Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:37 am

Candy Shop Introduction

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The Candy Shop is a functional shop (or called craft building like workshop, kitchen etc). The system is almost the same as the Refreshment Shop. By making various candies there and selling them you can get EXP and earn profits. When leveling up the Candy Shop you’ll win 1 RC and be able to unlock more recipes.

Unlock level: 65
Price: 15,000 coins;
Building materials: 150 Purple Marble Slab+40 Ice+40 Colorful Glass+40 Cinnamon


In the Candy Shop, there are 3 tabs: Menu; Prep Area and Goods Shelf

candy shop 3 tabs.png


Sub-tabs: Candy Barks n’ Bits (unlocked automatically); Candy Pop Palooza (unlocked automatically); Candy Swigs (Apple Cider*20+Watermelon Gumballs*50+Amazon Lily Bouquets*50 to unlock) and Candy Sculptures (Firework Candy Pop*2+Coconut Cotton Candy*10+Papaya Cotton Candy*10 to unlock) ;

The recipes include several ingredients. The ingredients may come from your ranch, or you need to collect them in the ‘Goods Shelf’ (hover over an ingredient to check where you can get it). Each Candy takes time to prepare; when you start making them they will show up in the ‘Prep Area’ for you to collect later. After you collect them they’ll be stored in the barn like other products.

Prep Area:
It displays all the candies that are being made.
There are two stages unlocked from the beginning and you can unlock the 3rd station with 350 green vouchers or 35000 coins; 4th station with Chain Wheels*20 (1RC/Ask)+Layout Square*1 (7 RC); 5th station with Chain Wheels*25 (1RC/Ask)+Layout Square*1 (7 RC).

Goods Shelf:

There are 4 ingredients produced here:
Green Candy Wafer
Golden Sprinkles
Gummy Worm
Rainbow Sprinkles

:!: You can upgrade these ingredients to collect more in shorter time.

At the beginning there is only 1 Station unlocked in the Goods Shelf. You can build up more stations to collect several ingredients at the same time.

If you have any question about Candy Shop feel free to comment here!
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