Refreshment Shop Introduction

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Refreshment Shop Introduction

Postby Felicia Farmer » Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:36 am

Refreshment Shop Introduction

The Refreshment Shop is a functional shop (or called craft building like workshop, kitchen etc). The system is kind of a combination of Paradise Island + Adoption Centers. By making drinks and snacks there, you can get EXP and selling the products to earn extra coins. When leveling up the Refreshment Shop you’ll win 1 free RC for each level and be able to unlock more recipes.

Unlock level: lvl 52
Price: 10,000 coins;
Building materials: 200 Lava (10 RC to skip)+ 40 Tree Bark(10 RC to skip) + 40 Redbud (10 RC to skip)+ 40 Plum(10 RC to skip)

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In the Refreshment Shop, there are 3 tabs: Menu; Prep Area and Goods Shelf

3 tabs.png


Sub-tags: Infused Water; Tea Time; Mocktail and Munchies; Grown-up Drinks (Mocktail and Munchies and Grown-up Drinks can be unlocked with products from the barn)

Each drink or snack in the Menu needs several ingredients to be made. The ingredients may come from your ranch, or you need to collect them in the ‘Goods Shelf’. Each refreshment takes time to be prepared; when you start making them they will show up in the ‘Prep Area’ for you to collect. And when they are done they’ll be stored in the barn.

Prep Area:
It displays all the drinks and snacks that are being made.
There are two stages unlocked from the beginning and you can unlock the rest 3rd and 4th stages with 30,000 coins / 300 green vouchers and Modern Stool (7 RC)+ 20* Vase with Tulip (Ask / 1 RC each) respectively.

Goods Shelf:

There are 4 ingredients produced here: (For all the parts needed for upgrade, they can be asked from neighbors for free or bought with 1 RC each piece if there are no specific notes)

Mineral Water:
Lvl1: 5/3H
Lvl 2: 7/3H (5*Mineral Water Jug)
Lvl 3: 10 /3H (1*Green Mineral Water Jug, 2RC)
Lvl 4: 15/3H (12*Pink Mineral Water Jug + 1 Purple Mineral Water Jug, 3RC);

Brown Sugar:
Lvl 1: 6/4H;
lvl 2: 9/4H (8*Round Cardboard Coaster)
Lvl 3: 12 /4H (1*Bamboo Coaster, 2RC)
Lvl 4: 16 /4H (12*Octagonal Cardboard Coaster + 1*Cloth Coaster, 3RC)

Lemon Zest: (unlocked at Refreshment Shop lvl 2)
Lvl1: 4/2H
Lvl 2: 7/2H (8*Round Cardboard Coaster)
Lvl 3: 10/2H (1*Red Coral Cup, 3RC)
Lvl 4: 15/2H (20*Pink Floral Cup + 1*Green Floral Cup4RC)

Brandy: (unlocked at Refreshment Shop lvl 3)
Lvl 1: 7/6H
Lvl 2: 10/6H (10*Orange Bottom Cocktail Glass)
Lvl 3: 15/6H (1* Blue Bottom Cocktail Glass, 3RC)
Lvl 4: 15/2H (25*Glass Coffee Mug + 1*Yellow Bottom Cocktail Glass, 4RC)

At the beginning there is only 1 Station unlocked in the Goods Shelf.

New stations can be built with:
Collection Station #2: Blue Spot Napkin *20 (Ask / 1 RC each);
Collection Station #3: Purple Voucher*1 / 3 RC;
Collection Station #4: Mini Chalkboard (4 RC);
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