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Gas Tanker

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Gas Tanker

Feature Introduction

Need more gas but don’t want to purchase with RC? Gas Tanker can make it easier for you to get gas. Trade some products for valuable gas!

How to get a Gas Tanker?

gas tanker in the store.png

You can buy a gas tanker with 5,000 coins from the store (lvl 18+). Then you need to complete the tanker:

Gas Hose*10 (1 RC / ask)
Order Board*10 (1 RC / ask)
Gas Nozzle*1 (6 RC)
Gas Bolt*1 (6 RC)

How to make gas with gas tanker?

After you have a complete gas tanker on the farm you need to do 3 steps each time to get gas:

1/ Invite neighbors to drive the gas tanker for you; your neighbors will receive a message in the Inbox and they can confirm to help you drive. Or if you don’t want to wait or hire neighbors, you can spend 1 RC to ‘buy’ a driver.

hire neighbors.png
hire neighbors.png (97.05 KiB) Viewed 2180 times

2/ Prepare required products. The amount of gas you’ll receive is displayed on the panel. When you have had enough amounts of the products, the ‘call tanker’ button will turn blue for you to click. After 18 hours the gas tanker will be back (or you can spend 1 RC to let the gas tanker back immediately). You’ll then see animation of gas going to the gift box.

3/ Wait till 18 hours later and the gas tanker will be back, bringing gas for you.

when tanker was away.png
when tanker was away.png (39.72 KiB) Viewed 2180 times

collect gas.png
collect gas.png (83.84 KiB) Viewed 2180 times

(The amount of gas you can get depends on the value of goods required. It can be between 1 and 5 gallons.)

1/ You can decline the gas order and then wait for 2 hours until next order comes in;
2/ If after you decline an order and you want a new order immediately you can speed up with 1 RC;

Tips: How to get gas?
There are few ways to get gas.
1. Of course you can buy gas directly with RC from the store;
2. Log in the game every day and you’ll receive up to 12 gallons of gas on the 4th day of each week;
3. Pay attention to your neighbors trophy posts which give limited amount of gas and hurry up to click on it!
4. If you complete a trophy for some item, you’ll have a chance to receive gas as reward;
5. Gas tanker;
6. Some packages you bought will have surprise gifts, which may be gas!
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