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Dessert Shop

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Dessert Shop

Feature Introduction

Basically Dessert Shop is the place where you can make various desserts, like cookies, cakes, tarts, scones etc with ingredients you have! For market orders, trade orders and gas tanker orders you may be required to make desserts in the dessert shop.

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Click on the blue ‘i’ button on the Dessert Shop in the store to get more info! This information page will let you know what you can make there and what are needed. Click ‘See More’ button on the information page will lead you to the Production Guide.

dessert shop info page.png

How to Complete and Upgrade the Dessert Shop?

You can buy a Dessert Shop from the store directly, which costs 6,000 coins (lvl 18+).
Items to complete building the Dessert Shop:
Round Gate Post * 15 (Ask from neighbors / 1 RC each)
Dessert sign *15 (Ask from neighbors / 1 RC each)
Cherry Top *1 (6 RC)

After finishing the construction, your dessert shop is complete and can make 1 dessert at a time. Like other function buildings, the Dessert shop can also be upgraded to higher levels and make more desserts at the same time.

Click Making Now -> Level up to level up your dessert shop!

level up button.png

(Without specific note, the parts can be asked from neighbors or bought for 1RC each)
Lvl1, 1 dessert; Round Gate Post * 15+ Dessert sign *15+ Cherry Top *1 (6RC);
Lvl2, 2 desserts; Baker *1 (4 RC);
Lvl3, 3 desserts; Baker *1 (4 RC);
Lvl4, 4 desserts; Cherry Top *1 (6RC);
Lvl5, 5 desserts; Dessert sign*15; Cherry Top*1 (6 RC);
Lvl6, 6 desserts; Round Gate Post*15; Cherry Top*1 (6 RC);
Lvl7, 7 desserts; Round Gate Post*15; Cherry Top*1 (6 RC);
Lvl8, 8 desserts; Baker *1 (4 RC);
Lvl9, 9 desserts; Dessert sign *15+ Cherry Top *1 (6RC)
Lv10, 10 desserts; Round Gate Post*15; Cherry Top*1 (6 RC);

How to use Dessert shop to produce?

After you’ve completed a Dessert shop, you can open it and make some desserts! From the main page you’ll be able to see whether the dessert could be made or say if you have enough ingredients to make it. If the ‘make’ button is gray it means you still need to prepare more ingredients; if the button is green you can make it right now simply by clicking ‘make’ button. You can turn on automation so that the dessert can be made automatically. But here is a kind reminder: please remember to turn off automation otherwise the ingredients might be used up.

make button.png

The sort by can be changed to ‘can make’, ‘Time’, ‘Sell Price’, ‘XP’, ’Storage’ or ‘Default’.

sort by.png

How can I access Dessert Shop from other ranches?

If you place the Dessert Shop on home ranch, don’t worry! You can access Dessert Shop from any of the 3 ranches. Steps are as follows:
1. Click on down arrow on right hand side;
2. When you see the functional building icon (a house with blue roof where all your functional buildings are listed) hover you cursor on it;
3. Click Dessert Shop icon.

access dessert shop.png
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