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Animal House

Postby Felicia Farmer » Mon May 18, 2015 5:30 am

Feature Introduction

You can find Animal House in the Store, under 'Buildings -> Function Buildings' tab or search the name directly in the store.

animal house.png

Basically, the Animal House is a place where you can store various animals and at the same time use Time Points (trade gas to gain Time Points) to set animals producing products for you. Even when the game is shut off, the production process continues. The amount of products is up to you!

Click on the blue ‘i’ button on the Animal House in the store to get more info!

info button.png

How to Complete and Upgrade an Animal House?

Items to complete building the Animal House:
White Stone * 15 (Ask from neighbors / 1 RC each)
Wood Beam *15 (Ask from neighbors / 1 RC each)
Wood Door *1 (4 RC)

After finishing the construction, your animal house is complete and can hold 4 animals at most. Like other function buildings, the Animal House can also be upgraded to higher levels and hold more animals.

(Without specific note, the parts can be asked from neighbors or bought for 1RC each)
Lvl1, 4 animals; 15* White Stone; 15* Wood Beam; Wood Door *1 (4 RC);
Lvl2, 7 animals; 20*White Stone+20*Wood Beam+ 1*Water Trough (6 RC);
Lvl3, 12 animals; 25*White Stone; 25*Wood Beam; 1*Wind Vane (8 RC);
Lvl4, 16 animals; 25*White Stone; 25*Wood Beam; 1*Wood Door (4 RC);

How to put an animal into and take an animal out from an Animal House?

After you’ve completed an Animal House, you can open it and click on ‘Add Animals’ button and then on the animal you’d like to add into it.
To take an animal out of the Animal House, you just need to click on the little Move button on top right of the animal’s picture and click on an empty area on farm to put it back to farm again.

How to use Animal House to produce?

Before starting the production, please make sure that you have traded gas for Time Points. Click on ‘+’ button on top left of the Animal House panel and you’ll enter ‘Time Shop’ where you can trade gas to get time points. Different amount of gas can be traded for different amount of Time Points.

time shop.png

To set animals producing products, you just need to click ‘Feed’ button on the animal and input the quantity you’d like to produce. Then the game will calculate the time needed (which is shown under the quantity) as well as the required amounts of Time Points and Food. Please note that 1 min of producing time uses 1 Time Point. Then you can leave the animal house, come back after that time and click ‘collect’ button there to get the products!

PS: Don't worry about forgetting to collect products in the Animal House! If you have products to collect, there will be a yellow exclamation mark above the Animal House and hover the cursor on it you'll know products from which animal are ready.

collect products.png
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If you have any questions about the Animal House, feel free to reply this post!
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