Aquarium/Fish Tank introduction

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Aquarium/Fish Tank introduction

Postby Sophia FunPlus » Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:11 pm

Aquarium building.png
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Unlock: Water Level 12
Construct Metrial:
(Ask)Illuminator x10
(Ask)Air Pump x10
(4RC)Heating Rod x1

This is a feature where you could obtain Aquarium fish, feed them to adult stage and collect rewards from them to trade for more fish and decorations to have a wonderful Aquarium! Looking for more handy tips about the Aquarium in a more lively way? Check out our YouTube video here with Family Farm Alex! Don't forget to Like & Share so your fellow Farmers don't miss out, and subscribe to our official YouTube channel for more handy tips coming up!

Aquarium Main Panel.png

1. How to get Aquarium fish?

There are 2 ways to get Aquarium fish:

(1) Buy or Trade in Aquarium Store.

Note: Some fish are only available at a certain Tank level. Therefore, here comes another question you might be interested with, how to level up the Tank? The tank EXP. Gain more Tank EXP to level it up!

There are two ways to obtain Tank EXP:Collecting fish rewards and also freeing adult fish.

With the leveling up of Tank Level, more decorations and fish will be unlocked. And of courese, you can get wonderful Level Up Rewards by leveing up the Tank! Tank can also be expanded to have a larger storage of fish!(Please click on Aquarium Warehouse on top left-> Expand Tank.)

(2) Aquarium fish can also be got from fishing in Fish Pond, but the chance is very small. The fish you get from Fish Pond will be sent to gift box, You can click "use" button to put them into Aquarium panel.

2. How do I find out more information about my fish?

Aquarium Warehouse-1.png
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Click on Aquarium Warehouse on top left of the Fish Tank-> My Fish-> "i" button on the fish. Here you can check all the information as below about the fish you've obtained:

Information on the fish.png

1> Hungry state: The fish lose one energy per minute, so they'll become hungry. There are 4 stages of the hungry state:

Full: Energy> 80%
Normal: 30%<Energy<80%
Hungry: Energy<30%
Very Hungry: Energy=0 (Fish turns red, collect time stop to count down, must be fed to restart.)

2> Time remaining to collect products from the fish

3> If you click on the "i" button, the information as below will be displayed:
(1)Growth Points: growth points required to become adult and growth points the fish currently grow up to.
(2)Producing time and the rewards that can be collected after the time is due.
(3)Rewards you can get after freeing the adult fish

What's more, you can also sell the fish from the panel. After turning into adult, the "sell" button will turn into "free" which means the fish is ready to be freed.

3. How to feed my fish and find out if they are hungry?

Fish bar.png
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Click on the fish, a bar will appear on top right with the fish icon which tells you the hungry state of the fish. Hover mouse over the fish icon, you'll find out how much energy is left on the fish.

There are two ways to feed the fish:

1> Select fish food after clicking the hungry fish. Note only hungry fish will have the fish food icon on top to click.
2> Click on the Fish Food button on top right.

My Fish Food has been used up, how do I get more for my fish?

Fish Food.png

Go to Aquarium Store-> Fish Food tab. Here it has two kinds of Fish Food: normal Fish Food and Super Fish Food.

Normal Fish Food gives fixed amount of energy and can be made by water products. (Click on "Make" under the fish food in Aquarium Store to check the water products required). Different-sized normal fish food gives varied amount of energy. The bigger the fish food size, the more energy it has inside.

Super Fish Food:

There are also three sizes for the Super Fish Food: Small, Medium and Large.

Small Super Fish Food helps replenish 30% of the max energy(1000 energy) 1000x30%=300.
Medium Super Fish Food helps replenish 60% of the max energy, 1000x60%=600.
Large Super Fish Food helps replenish 100% of the max energy, which is 1000.

Note: Sometimes the energy fish food can provide is more than that is needed by the fish,the outstanding energy will be lost.

4. I can't wait to see my fish grow up, how much longer does it need to turn into adult?

THe fish will become adult after its growth points reach the max as required. (Check the info. by clicking on the "i" button on the fish in "My Fish"). So you will need to give the fish more Growth Points. Then how to get Growth Points?

Growth Points can be obtained by feeding the fish, but only by using the Super Fish Food. Each time the Super Fish Food is used, the growth points will be added up on the balance. You can check it out by checking the fish's hungry state. The amount of Growth Point(s) each Super Fish Food gives can be found by mousing over them on Fish Food panel.

5. Collect rewards.

collect rewards.png
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After the collect time counts down to 00:00:00, there will display a tip icon on fish's head, click the fish to collect rewards! You can also click on the "Harvest Tool" on right side to harvest it. If the time is not due but you want to collect rewards in advance, RC can be used to speed it up to harvest immediately.

Note: the next round will not begin to count down if the rewards are not collected. Just in case, you can turn on automation on the building to let it collect automatically.

What are the rewards?

Each fish gives scale, Greenery, Tank EXP, there's also a chance to get a Aquarium Box, which will be sent to Gift box and can be used to get a random gift.

6. Free Adult Fish.

When the fish's grow points reach the max, congrats! they become adult fish!

After a fish turns into adult, they become bigger and there'll be a little crown on the head.

Note: Adult fish does not give Tank EXP any more when collect.However,adult fish can be freed to trade some rewards:

(1) A big amount of Tank EXP
(2) Greeneries
(3) A Teardrop of the fish
(4) Special Reward. Each fish gives different Special Reward, which are farm aids, Gasoline, vouchers, fishing tools etc.

Fish scale and teardrop can be used to craft decorations and trade for some fish in Aquarium Store. Fish scale and teardrop can also be sold for coins.

Aquarium decoration.png
Aquarium decoration.png (91.81 KiB) Viewed 5906 times

The decorations will be added into the Aquarium directly after being obtained, you can see the decorations in Aquarium Warehouse-> My Decoration, you can also choose to place, store them in Aquarium Warehouse or sell them for coins.

7. Collection Book.

Collection Book shows the fish and decoration you have ever had. The shell will light up if you have it.

8. Share photo.

Share photo.png

You can take a photo of your aquarium and share it with your friends. A random fish food will be rewarded after the first sharing of everyday!

That's it, thanks!
Felicia :P
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Re: Aquarium/Fish Tank introduction

Postby Sophia FunPlus » Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:58 am

Good news, here comes another Youtube video about some tips for the Aquarium feature. click here to learn them fast!
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