Grandma's Burger Machine

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Grandma's Burger Machine

Postby mariemarling » Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:35 am

Grandma's Burger Machine
Availablity: Level 15
Price: 3,500 Coins
Need Materials: Yes
15 Burger Pipes & 15 Burger Chimney's (giftable from neighbours)
Fixed Ingredient: Bread
Add Cabbage, make Veggie Burger, sell for 433 (234 coin profit)
Add Beef, makes Steak Burger, sell for 339 (244 coin profit)
Add Turkey, makes Turkey Burger, sell for 496 (291 coin profit)
Add Rooster Meat, makes Rooster Burger, sell for 478 (308 coin profit)
Ready in 80 seconds
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