French Fries Machine

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French Fries Machine

Postby admin » Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:53 pm

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Currently under the Special Items section

Buy for: 1000 coins

Need materials:

6 screws you can request from neighbors

6 Gears you can request from neighbors

1 strainer - you purchase for 8 RC

1 sauce pipe you purchase for 4 RC

Or you can complete all at once for 24 RC.

Fixed ingredient: Potatoes

French Fries With Ketchup - Sells for 310
French Fries With Mayonnaise - Sells for 322
French Fries With Chili Sauce - Sells for 527

Ketchup from Sauce Machine under Tomato
Mayonnaise from Sauce Machine under Duck eggs
Chili Sauce from Sauce Machine under Red Peppers
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