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Machine Questions & Suggestions

Postby admin » Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:30 am

After reading the information available here, do you still have a question about a Machine? Did we add wrong info to the Machines? Did we forget to mention something? Or do you simply have the most wonderful idea for a new Machine? Drop us a line here!
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Re: Machine Questions & Suggestions

Postby mariemarling » Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:46 pm

A meat ham bacon lamb etc. :?:
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Re: Machine Questions & Suggestions

Postby mariemarling » Thu May 03, 2012 2:10 pm

salad bar,popcorn maker,juice machine and a cider press. :D
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Re: Machine Questions & Suggestions

Postby Lennard Landleven » Sat May 05, 2012 6:30 am

A Juice Machine would be nice! :D :P :o :lol: 8-)
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Re: Machine Questions & Suggestions

Postby mariemarling » Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:40 am

more sauces for the pasta machine ie:- truffle,mushroom
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Re: Machine Questions & Suggestions

Postby mariemarling » Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:14 pm

Suggestion List for the Developers of the Game
By Andy Jackson, Stasi White Merritt and 2 others in True_Family_Farm_Members · Edit doc · Delete
Many of you are very creative or have very interesting ideas. I would like to be able to offer you a place to post such suggestions and ideas. While making the suggestion, think about how you would explain it to a kindergarten child that it would make sense and share the details. These suggestions will be sent monthly to the developers for them to think about. Wow! A great game just keeps getting better :-) Thank you for all the lovely ideas, I am looking forward to reading them.
(If you have a problem, this is not the place to post it. This is for constructive suggestions and creative ideas)
This new list will be sent off at the end of March 2012.
Keep those great ideas coming...there is an ear for them!!!
Just make a comment, I collect and delete them from the list at the end of each month.

I would like to see a button on my farm page to be able to remove non playing members. Then that way I would not need to delete some people from my Facebook friends list to achieve this. Some people do play other games and we need them for those games.
I suggest making the special deliveries so that we can choose what we could limit the options to say 10 different screw, glass, pipes, etc then we can get what we need and how many. Thanks Jeanna Maart
I would like the addition of Dill (plant) Butter Machine (for milk) as well as a pickle cellar (cucumbers).You could make regualr dill pickles ,sweet relish (with use of sugar cane made into sugar),and bread and butter pickles. EartMinedGems
we really need to be able to stack the love animals' food. when i get a bag of animal food out of my gift box and place in on my farm, i want to be able to place the second bag on the first one, and then see the number on the bag change from one to two. either that, a small shed where the bags of feed can all be tossed into. we can then retreive the food manually or have it automated.
Also, please let us use new neighbors that play a different version to staff. Even better, give us a build option- most of the best machines require 22 RC, anyway.
We have so many roses and other flowers, that the seeds and rose hips could also be used to feed birds. Wild or tame. What's a farm without birds?
How about some rotating gifts? Maybe the first line reserved for things like sugar, hops, possibly a tree or animal not included in regular gifts.
Now that we have more than one farm, please let us store our trees for the purpose of transferring them from farm to farm.
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Teia Brewer Hamilton Neal I would love a tree shaker or a tree picker... something like the CROPINTOR but for the trees... it gets teadious trying to find the sweet spot to harvest the trees....
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Stasi White Merritt I always harvest with the trees hidden. The sweet spot is so much easier to find that way, Teia Brewer Hamilton Neal.:)
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Teia Brewer Hamilton Neal How can you harvest the trees with them hidden?
18 May at 04:22 · Like

Stasi White Merritt The bottom of the tree is so much easier to see with the rest of it in shadow as it appears when hidden.
18 May at 04:23 · Like

Matt Tischner how about juice maker, something to make gas
18 May at 04:47 · Like

Stasi White Merritt I like the juicer idea. There are lots of different kinds of juice/smoothies it could make!
18 May at 04:55 · Like

Cecelia McSherry FYI - There is a juicer in development right now
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Cecelia McSherry Easier to harvest trees has been suggested by pretty much every player
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Cherrae Elaine How about the lessening of the use of the milk cheese and using other cheeses. Like the cheese of choice for pizza is motzarella, not milk cheese. Motzarella (the best according to major chefs) is made from buffalo milk. Some people even like goat cheese on their pizzas.
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Stasi White Merritt An omelet machine that uses our duck eggs and a cheese other than milk cheese. There are a lot of things we grow that could be options, too.
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Jen Andow another building at the side called a BANK where we get to trade the unicorn and bear gems for machine parts.....make it ridicoulsly high number so we get parts that usually sell for RC`s
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Journey Basic ‎Jen Andow I think the trade store could be used for that purpose, no?
5 hours ago · Like

Journey Basic You all have great suggestions and of course I believe Felicia Farmer or someone else from FF gets this list (I just wish they would delete what they already have considered) ... periodically, but I wonder if we wouldn't have a bigger impact if we began threads on these subjects on their forums? The more people you can get involved, the better chances you have of something like this coming true.
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Jen Andow ‎Journey Basic in my opinion the trade store is not doing what it states...if you call it a farmers market or a quest house then yes it is.......i assumed trade meant swapping items with neighbours....that building is a glorified quest building.....Andy Jackson was right to say its useless in that view anyway
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Journey Basic ‎Jen Andow, I can't get into an argument with you over the validity of the trade store, as I don't use it very often as I was much too busy with the quests and now too busy replenishing my depleted stock to deal with it, but I have read how...See more
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Jen Andow Sorry Journey Basic....didn`t mean it to come across as trying to start argument, i`m not trying to do that at all........its just so annoying. And yes i see your point in that view it is a trade, but unless they start trading RC for larger amounts i can`t see the point of having a building for doing exactly what they do with icons on left side of screen.
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Journey Basic ‎Jen Andow I totally agree with the last sentence, wholeheartedly and absolutely! But I can see the trading larger amounts for coins but unfortunately not RCs. They are in the business to sell RCs and if we were able to gain them easily t...See more
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Cherrae Elaine How about a salad machine? We could use lettuce, cucumber, carrots, cheeses (note the plural) some of our tree fruits, etc.
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Cherrae Elaine We could also use tomatos, eggs (preferably the duck eggs) meat...
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Mary Hellmann Please find SOMETHING to do with the duck eggs...
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Stasi White Merritt Or, please stop making us use things with no purpose in a quest.
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Cherrae Elaine or biulding useless machines. How about duck eggs in the easter egg machine?
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Mary Hellmann that's what I said Cherrae! but the easter eggs don't exactly sell for top dollar
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Cherrae Elaine Sort of like the hat machine?
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Mary Hellmann well, at least i am getting rid of all those feathers! :D
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Cherrae Elaine Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have something to use the horsehair and feather on, but it isn't very profitable.
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Mary Hellmann you are so very right!
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Stasi White Merritt Useless machines- egg machine (what a waste of useful eggs), teddy bear machine, flower packer (only 69 profit on sunflowers), ice cream machine, popcorn machine and pasta machine. Mostly I do not like these machines because the profit is so low and we were required to build them in order to complete a challenge. Otherwise, I would not have built them.
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Cherrae Elaine cookie maching and perfume machine too.
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