Tips from our Veteran Farmer

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Tips from our Veteran Farmer

Postby admin » Thu Jul 26, 2012 3:04 am

Here's a compiled list of tips from our Veteran Farmer Micheal Wheal.
You've done an excellent job and thank you for letting me post this to our players!

0 - Yep - the most important piece of advice you will get.. LOG IN EVERYDAY, even if you don't play... Just get the log in bonus and leave !

1 - Build the warehouse as soon as you can ! The ESSENTIAL upgrade for your farm. forget land expansions, keeping all your gear and animals in the warehouse, bringing them out and using them where needed, allowing your fields to grow and your yards to grow trees is priceless.

2 - Spend RC's wisely, not hoard them, and not waste them. Yes, RC's are rare, at lower levels, but after a few weeks play, you will be getting 10 a week free. Don't waste them on quests - I know that 30 RC's for a camel is expensive - but leave the quest alone if you don't want to buy the camel, and after a month or so, the quest will vanish.

3 - Greenhouses look cool - but you have no use for them at lower levels. The water well covers more squares, is cheaper to upgrade and takes up less space. the well is a much higher priority than a greenhouse.

4 - You can never have enough neighbors ! Family Farm has one of the easiest neighbor interfaces in a Facebook game. One click opens up the whole list and another click on each sends an item or accepts one. Actually, once you reach 200 neighbors - you get no more rewards.. but... more neighbors = more gifts !

5 - Send out a request for something / anything everyday - even if it's something you don't need - ask. Any extra items can be traded for Automation Points.

6 - Examine the profit / time / cost values of your crops wisely. Compare Goat Cheese and Stout Beer for example. Goat Cheese takes 1 hour to grow the pasture, one click to turn into milk, and another 2 clicks to turn into fine goat cheese. It sells for a massive 34 coins. Now, Stout beer, takes 26 hours to grow, using one square, costs 148 to buy and sells for 303 !!! But, consider this... in the same time, that one square, making goat cheese (if you failed to sleep) would make you 494 coins and far more XP ! Goat cheese isn't looking too bad now.

7 - Plan your growth times around your Facebook access times, if you are going away for 6 or so hours. Lavender is a good crop to grow. 6 hours - cost 45, sells in bouquet form for 75. That's a nice return per hour.

8 - Trees are a long term investment. Do not buy your trees with the plan of making money off them straight away. Collect the produce and let it sit in your inventory until you can make something decent, with a good return. A lot of trees can be gifted, saving you 100's of coins.

**9 - Love animals make you LOTS of money. Go ahead, when you are allowed to buy one, and start requesting for their food, do this until you have several hundred at least. Buy the animal and set it to automatic, now, as long as the animal is with you, request food for it every day from all your neighbors. You want to feed that cat / donkey or deer for as long as it is with you. A 1000 cat food and 3 days of asking 100+ neighbors will easily nett you 250,000 coins.

10 - Use the Angie's group page and do not be afraid to ask for help / advice. There are people out there, higher and lower levels than you, and we all have advice if you need it.

11 - Expand your ranch as / when your money allows. There are sales on land expansions every so often, some people wait for these 20% discounts, others just buy, expand and use the new land.

12 - There's no best answer to Land or Yard ? if you want to grow, then go land, if you want trees and gear and need more space - go Yard. But, lets be honest here - a big Warehouse makes the choice easier.

13 - The quests are there to guide you on your farming journey. If you are encountering quests that you can't do, as they require gear / items that are higher level than you are.. well.. give yourself a pat on the back.. you are ahead of the game... Go away and plant / farm and make some money to catch up with the quests again.

14 - Extra quest items can be traded for OP's. Need 10 of item X ? Ask 30 people to get your 10 items and trade off any excess.

15 - I see a lot of people asking the same question.. Which crops make beer ? My mind puts them together like this.. The 'B's go together, so Barley = Berliner. 'R' is next to 'S' in the alphabet.. so Rye = Stout and finally, 'W' and 'M' are my initials... so Munich = Wheat. Ok, that last one might be a problem for you guys whose initials aren't M and W

16 - A Garden Ranch - which can be bought at level 45, costs 950,000 (or so) and adds around 121 plots to a 2nd smaller ranch. This is one of the best investments you can buy at that level.

17 - There's no rush to get to an endgame! Enjoy the journey. Likewise, there's no real need to spend any REAL money on this game unless you really have too.. The timed missions last around 15 days and are easily completed in that time, even by someone with only a few neighbors.

**Love animals are no longer available

Things are subject to change
I don't reply to private messages for help in the game.
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Re: Tips from our Veteran Farmer

Postby carriecourter » Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:51 am

Just a note on Item 10 - There are many Family Farm groups on Facebook, not just Angies. Most of them are friendly and helpful. Just type in "Family Farm" into the search engine, and you'll see a list of groups if they have the Family Farm name in them. You can join more than one, as well. Some people belong to many groups, others belong to only 1 or 2. Great way to add neighbors and make friends. And many groups have many less constricting rules than Angies group, such as Family Farm Peace, which can be found at
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Re: Tips from our Veteran Farmer

Postby Roshan Jones » Fri Aug 03, 2012 4:58 pm

Just two things from the original post

The advantage of trees - once you have bought a tree, it will continue to fruit for you without costing you further coinage as with crops.

What needs beer - you forgot the HOPS!!
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Re: Tips from our Veteran Farmer

Postby DebR » Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:09 am

I only found one FF group. Could you post the link for Angie's and any good other ones you know please?
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Re: Tips from our Veteran Farmer

Postby kcollins6 » Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:54 pm this is the family farm nuthouse.. we have docs of all the quests and 223 members. very helpful folks. get an answer to a question almost immedietly
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Re: Tips from our Veteran Farmer

Postby Dandelion82 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:48 pm

I run the group called "Family Farm Neighbors". We are a fairly new group, but I try to add content regularly that will help you on your Family Farm journey. Feel free to join.
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Re: Tips from our Veteran Farmer

Postby spring » Fri Aug 17, 2012 11:38 am

I found this very helpful. Thank you. I remember the wheat-munich by turning the W upside down and is now M for munich or visa-versa. Thanks again.
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Re: Tips from our Veteran Farmer

Postby BAGOFBONES » Mon Aug 20, 2012 5:39 pm

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Re: Tips from our Veteran Farmer

Postby Angiebax » Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:14 pm

The reason Angie's group is mentioned in the tip is because he is in my group & it was made up for our members & was nice enough to share it with everyone. There are a lot of groups out there but we just happen to be one of the oldest by far not the biggest but we do have 542 members at the moment a needing neighbors list with about 300 people a file system that has all the quest from building the aviary up & just about anything else you could possibly need. So All you Family Farm players who are looking for a family to play with you may want to check us out. We started out as a beginners group but have grown to include any serious family farm player. Our rules are simple; We do not accept Facebook's default ghost picture's. You need both your friends request button & message button set to public as we DO INSIST on messages being sent with friends request. As many members will NO LONGER accept new neighbors W/O a message. We work very hard @ protecting our members SO WE HAVE A VERY STRICT NO TOLERANCE FOR ANY KIND OF HARASSMENT IN THIS GROUP. You can find us at
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Re: Tips from our Veteran Farmer

Postby SuzyQT42 » Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:02 am

I am a member of Angies farm group and it is best one EVER!!! The others just don't cut it in my book. If you want to know something about the game you will almost immediately get an answer. I really don't care about the other groups. I seen how many members there are in those groups and it seems to me like the one with highest number of members would be the best. So if you want to join a GREAT group just go to Angies Family Farm Group and click on join!!! Trust me you will be glad you did!!!
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