Oct Calendar Reward is up to you! - Deadline 09/09/2014

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Which kind of final reward you preferred in the calendars you had in the past?

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C.Collectable decoration.
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Re: Oct Calendar Reward is up to you! - Deadline 09/09/2014

Postby Dante DiMartini » Wed Sep 10, 2014 12:21 am

Can you please focus on fixing the DAILY calendar rewards that we click on from our neighbors. Most of the time, you click on their post and rather than the reward for the Daily Unlock, you get the message "Sorry farmer, this gift is unavailable! Sorry about that. Try some new feeds!" We shouldn't get these messages when the posts are so recent (under an hour old).

And secondly, I'd like to see the time limits removed. If our crops don't wither--and I'm glad they don't--then why can't we have time to click on posts whenever we can?
Dante DiMartini
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