[UPDATE]: July 16th

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[UPDATE]: July 16th

Postby Sophia FunPlus » Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:01 pm

Howdy, Farmers!

Update incoming! Take cover!

1.Time-Limited Quest - King of Coconuts

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Final Reward:Elegant Trogon Habitat or Farm Aid Package

2.New Items!


King Coconut Tree, unlocks at level 30, 12RC to buy, harvest King Coconut in 6H

Elegant Trogon Habitat, eats Grape, produces Elegant Trogon Feather in 60s

DJ Raccoon, unlocks at level 30, 10000 coins to buy, 12free+12free+5rc+5rc to build, produces Vinyl Record in 60s

Enjoy the new mission and items!
Sophia FunPlus
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