[UPDATE]: July 11th

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[UPDATE]: July 11th

Postby Sophia FunPlus » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:57 pm

Howdy, Farmers!

Great new update on its way to you now! Check out the details here!

1.Farm Event 25

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Farm Event 25, unlock @ level 45, goes until 2019-07-14! If you level up during the event, your league will not change.

1.New Farm Event Rewards

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Aerial Yoga Girl Sculpture: 16 hours to collect - gives an item randomly.

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Yoga Girl Sculpture: 24 hours to collect - gives an item randomly.

3.New Items & Store Changes

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Bitter Melon: 3rc to unlock, 80 coins to buy, harvest Bitter Melon in 4H

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Fat Burning Meal Machine: 35rc,90s.

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Siren: eats Vigorous Herbs & produces Siren's Harp in 120s.

Enjoy the new items and event! <3
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