How Do I Expand My Ranch?

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How Do I Expand My Ranch?

Postby Felicia Farmer » Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:35 am

Expanding your ranch is fairly easy. Go to the store, go to the Farm Aides and find the Expansions. Just keep the following in mind.

1. Step by Step
You have to buy the Expansions step by step. Start with the smallest available in the Store, and gradually work your way up to the bigger (and more expensive) ones.

2. Make sure the Expansions are unlocked first
If you are prepared to spend RC, you don't have this problem. But if you want to buy Expansions for coins, you have to have a certain level. The Store will tell you the exact requirements.

3. Make sure you have enough coins
If you don't have enough coins or RC in your account, you can't buy the Expansion. The game will let you try anyway. Don't worry: when you can't buy the expansion for any reason, the game will not deduct any coins!

4. Make sure you buy the right type of Expansion!
There are 2 kinds of Expansion: the normal expansion, and the yard. The differences are:
- On a Yard, you can place only decorations, animals, buildings and gear, but no plots of land.
- The Yard is attached to the 2 top sides of the ranch; the normal expansion is attached to the 2 down sides of the ranch.

5. One stroke at a time
When you successfully buy a Ranch Expansion, 1 stroke is added to your farm. This stroke is of the same width as 1 plot of land.

In the picture below you can see what happens when you expand your ranch. (Click on the picture to see it in full.)
expand ranch explanation.jpg
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