Love is in the Air Classic Mission

These are missions which can be accepted and started whenever you want. Be careful to not accept too many at the same time, as once accepted you have a certain number of days to finish it! If the mission expires before you finish it, you will have an option to extend the mission for 5 more days but this option is only available ONCE.

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Love is in the Air Classic Mission

Postby Felicia Farmer » Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:00 am

Updated on: Feb 9th, 2018
Unlock at:40
Finish in: 15 days
Final reward: Lyre Bird or Heart Cinnamon Tree

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Step 1
- Plant 50 Basil
- Plant 50 Tomato

Step 2
- Have a Lasagna Machine on your farm
- Produce 25 Tomato Lasagna in your Lasagna Machine

Step 3
- Harvest 50 Love Fruit
- Produce 50 Love Cakes in your Cake Machine

Step 4
- Choose the right mountain

Step 5
- Produce 25 Chili Taco in your Taco Truck
- Feed Corn to Rooster Coop and produce 25 Rooster Meat

Step 6
- Craft 6 Luxury Carpet in your Workshop
- Produce 50 Alpaca Sweater in your Weaver

Step 7
- Produce 25 Taco Lasagna in your Lasagna Machine
- Produce 25 Rooster Meat Lasagna in your Lasagna Machine

Step 8
- Ask 15 Valentine Helicopter Toy from your neighbors
- Produce 6 True Love Promise Ring in your Jewel Machine (Find Bleeding Heart Flower in your Gift Box)


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