William's First Day!

These are missions which can be accepted and started whenever you want. Be careful to not accept too many at the same time, as once accepted you have a certain number of days to finish it! If the mission expires before you finish it, you will have an option to extend the mission for 5 more days but this option is only available ONCE.

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William's First Day!

Postby Felicia Farmer » Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:00 am

William's First Day!

Unlock level: 55
Finish in 15 days
End Reward:Snow Leopard Habitat

snow leopard habitat.png
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Step 1
- Plant 60 Sweet Potato
- Plant 60 Wheat

Step 2
- Have a Firefighter Bush Dog Habitat on your farm
- Feed Sweet Potato to your Mole Habitat to produce 60 Mole Meat

Step 3
- Feed Mole Meat to your Firefighter Bush Dog Habitat to produce 60 Reflective Tape
- Feed Wheat to your Sheep to produce 60 Wool

Step 4
- Feed Mole Meat to your Snowy Owl Family to produce 30 Owl Feather
- Collect 40 Stone from your Stone Mine

Step 5
- Craft 3 Toddler Training Bib in your Workshop
- Craft 2 Fire Hydrant Fire Pit in your Workshop

Step 6
- Ask 10 Firefighter Sticker from your neighbors

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