Friendly Family Farm Team in FF

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Friendly Family Farm Team in FF

Postby Phill » Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:57 am

Friendly Family Farm Team,

We are a group of farmers who loves having fun in doing joint market orders, filling crates, participating in beanstalk events, to name a few.

Carol Lynn Engle is the owner of the group. please do click here for more info: She will fill you in on the requirements and rules of the team. The team is very young, so you may want to give the team a chance. :)

There is a group associated with the team the group is called Friendly Family Farmers for missions, gifts, to name a few. As you may know, the sister group is also called Family Farmers Homestead 24 hrs which is a market order group. Feel free to browse on by and join. Important reminder, please answer the questions to get let in. Happy Farming.

Friendly Family Farmers :
Description: Welcome to our family. We hope you will enjoy yourself here. This is a place to have fun, find neighbors and make friends. Also to share any tips you might have or any type of help requests, & no drama. We are all here to help each other. Have a great time playing Family Farm. All we ask is that you are polite and do not post anything that is not relevant to the game.
Please read the rules which is located on the "Files" tab.


Friendly Family Farm ( Team )

Description: This group is to go along with the team and team chat. So that you may be able to get help faster with all crates. Share tips for game play and just to become a better team. Lets make this one of the best teams out there.

Family Farmers Homstead 24 hrs ( Market Order Group) :

Market Order Group - Team membership not necessary, Just filling crates.

Hope to see you there, remember, once you become a friend or join the group, you are family. :)
Peace be unto you.
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