Family Farm 2017 1st International Beauty Farm Contest

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Family Farm 2017 1st International Beauty Farm Contest

Postby Felicia Farmer » Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:17 am

What are the important dates?
Deadline to submit pictures for the contest: Sunday 2017/02/05 ( EOD local time)
Vote for the Beauty Farm Contest local part: from Tuesday 2017/02/07 to Thursday 2017/02/09 15:00 (beijing time).
Vote for the Beauty Farm Contest international part: from Friday 2017/02/10 to Monday 2017/02/13 15:00 (beijing time)
Final results will be published on Tuesday 2017/02/14
All prizes(for both local and global winners) will be given at the end of the contest on Tuesday 2017/02/14

Grandma's farm will be changed in the same week based on the International Winner's farm!

What are the rewards?
ALL selected contestants (10 max per version, you don't have to select 10, less than 10 is ok) will receive 50 RC and an exclusive reward
The winner of the Beauty Farm Contest Local part will join the International Beauty Farm Contest part and receive a bonus of 50 RC
The final winner of the International Beauty Farm Contest will receive a bonus of 100 RC AND his home/garden ranch will be used as model for Grandma in all the versions' game.
Two more rewards: 1) select randomly max 5 good candidates(you don't have to select 5, less than 5 is ok) who participated but are not selected, they will receive 15 RC each(available for local contest) 2) select randomly max 5 person who voted(you don't have to select 5 if you don't have enough) , they will receive 5 RC each(available for local and global contest).

PART 1: Beauty Farm Contest - Local part

How to participate?
- Candidates should post their one and final picture to enter the contest by the end of Sunday 2017/02/05.
- Candidates should include their SNSID (it can be found at the bottom of their game) in their posts in our forum, 'cause we will check that the pictures is from their farm, not from another player or photoshopped.
- The picture must represent the Home Ranch/Garden Ranch with Valentine theme + At least two of the items: Happy Valentine's Rhino Table, Plush Valentine Monster Doll, Love Fruit, Valentine Chocolate Tree

Important Special rules
1/ Players who have won RC in the last Beauty Farm contest will NOT be eligible to be selected for this International Beauty Farm contest.
Note: They will be able to join the next Beauty Farm contest as we plan to do this kind of event regularly. Winners of RC in a Beauty farm contest can still post pictures, but we won't select them if they won RC in the last contest Beauty Farm contest.

2/ They should keep the design including the plants and trees if they are part of the design from 24h before to 24h after each deadline:(2017/02/05 EOD local time - submission, 2017/02/09 15:00 beijing time - local vote and 2017/02/13 15:00 beijing time - global vote)

3/ The winner of the global contest should make sure the design of his ranch was the same as the picutre until 2017/02/14 EOD local time as we need to copy the design of the winner

4/ ONLY for US-ES-TR: US, ES and TR will be counted as one version, only one local winner and five voters will be selected from this version, but each language can have at most 5 participation reward. Please post on your own forum, and submit pictures received to US version Sophia (EN Team)

Who will be selected and win RC?
A selection of 10 pictures max will be made by FunPlus team for each version.
On the Tuesday 2017/02/07 we will post in the fanpage the pictures of the selected contestants for each version, and everyone will have until the Thursday 2017/02/09 15:00 (beijing time) to vote for the one they want to win and represent them for the International Beauty Farm contest.

The one who will get the most "Likes" will be selected for going to the International Beauty Farm Contest part.

PART 2: Beauty Farm Contest - International part

On the Friday 2017/02/10 the pictures of the winners of each version will all be shown on the Family Farm global fanpage.
Every fanpage will post the link of the special album to encourage his version's player to vote for their favorite ones and the one they want see used in Grandma's farm.
Everyone has until Monday 2017/02/13 15:00 (beijing time) to LIKE, SHARE and give support to their favorite one.
The one who will get the most "Likes" will be the final winner of our The Valentine 2017 International Beauty Farm Contest.

Final results will be announced on Tuesday 2017/02/14.

I don't reply to private messages for help in the game.
Please contact the Help and Support team HERE.
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Re: Family Farm 2017 1st International Beauty Farm Contest

Postby Brooke Muscarello » Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:58 pm

Internation Beauty Farm Contest on Garden Ranch
SNSID # 775350751
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Re: Family Farm 2017 1st International Beauty Farm Contest

Postby Thien An Le » Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:55 am

* Family Farm 2017 1st International Beauty Farm Contest.
* SNSID: 100000824468456
* Event: Valentine's Day.
* Location: Home Ranch:

+ Valentine theme:
- Crops were placed as a pink bear with a hat, some heart balloons in right hand, a flower in left hand.
- Some decorations were placed as couple.
- Some decorations (rose soaps, purple egg pavers, puppy toy bins, carnival balancing balls, tantalizing tulip candles (among the rose waters)) were placed as a heart shape.
- Using heart cinnamon tree, love rose tree, heart-shaped floral arch, floral letters, floral numbers.
- Using pink animals and some other decorations.

+ Happy Valentine's Rhino Table: in the right of the farm (2 tables were placed among the Puppy Toy Bins).
+ Plush Valentine Monster Doll: 6 dolls in the right of the farm (4 dolls were placed among the purple egg pavers, 2 dolls were placed among carnival balancing balls), 2 dolls on the upper right side (in the right of the Valentine Chocolate Trees).
+ Love Fruit: were placed between the farm (among the carnations).
+ Valentine Chocolate Tree: 9 trees were placed at the top of the game (near the Mother Nature tree), 1 tree in the right of the farm (among the Fairy Garden Moss Terrariums).

"In the Family Farm World, there is a lovely pink bear with a lovely heart, he lives in a lovely farm. In Valentine's Day, everything usually has a pink colour in decoration. He decorated many things for this event by using heart balloons, flowers, floral letters... he has still needed a present to give his girlfriend but he still needs many RC to buy something. So, please vote for his farm and he will have many thanks to you."
Valentine Decoration Event - SNSID 100000824468456.png
SNSID: 100000824468456
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Re: Family Farm 2017 1st International Beauty Farm Contest

Postby juelund » Mon Jan 30, 2017 1:20 pm

Valentines Wedding, please come and view all the valentine and love animals watching the wedding emus ceremony :D SNSID : 1286228601
Valentine Wedding.jpg
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Re: Family Farm 2017 1st International Beauty Farm Contest

Postby sharon peterson » Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:59 pm

Puppy Love on the Garden Ranch

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Puppy Love (800x468).jpg
Puppy Love
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Re: Family Farm 2017 1st International Beauty Farm Contest

Postby Renee A Maberry Balestracci » Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:16 am

SNSID : 10205184816206858 This is my beautiful Love Garden located on my garden ranch, featuring a cute little Plush Valentines Monster Doll, a Valentines Chocolate Tree and ready to harvest Love Fruit along with many machines, fountains and other animals and items full of love. Here's wishing everyone a loving and blessed Valentines~~~
Screenshot (5).png
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Re: Family Farm 2017 1st International Beauty Farm Contest

Postby » Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:30 am

Love is in the air on my garden farm!
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Re: Family Farm 2017 1st International Beauty Farm Contest

Postby » Thu Feb 02, 2017 1:20 am

Patty's Farm.jpg

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Re: Family Farm 2017 1st International Beauty Farm Contest

Postby jeanieh2 » Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:20 pm

Pretty in Pink
on my Home Ranch
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Re: Family Farm 2017 1st International Beauty Farm Contest

Postby hussol » Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:51 pm

v 3.png
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