Not liking Family Farm's game play

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Not liking Family Farm's game play

Postby thelizard » Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:33 pm

I think Family Farm could be fun if you didn't have to buy important items with RC Coins. For example: The goat, silkworm bush to name two. I just started playing and thought I might like it but it is so frustrating. It cost so much for crops that you can't save up money very fast. You can't make money because some of the items you need you have to buy with RC coin. This is a frustration that just may make me quit.

Today I didn't get to claim my reward for logging in each day because it never showed up to claim it. Then when I found the place to go and claim it (the mission book with cow picture on right side) it said I already claimed it.....No I Didn't!

I play Paradise Bay and I love it. They give you the option to buy whatever you need to produce products and get items you need with the regular coins you earn from making and selling things.

They have times where they offer special items you can buy with diamonds (which are sort of like the RC coin) But you don't need to buy these items. Plus they give you way more diamonds!

Just had to vent my frustrations.
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