Dental X Ray factory

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Dental X Ray factory

Postby fangshuhan » Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:03 pm

Mobile Dental X-Ray

Characteristic of the movable dental x-ray:
1. Use the international advanced technology, high-efficiency, clear imaging, low leak radial, it is only 1% of national standard
2. Light touched button, controlled with microcomputer, only press one button to select the expose parameter, fast and accurately
3. Developing in light room, image in one minute, the doctor can diagnose conveniently for maximum
4. Pneumatic up-down seat, more convenient and more comfortable
5. It is for the use of the digital imaging system of mouth
Technical Data:
Model : CS01
Classification: Electromedical, Class I, Type B.
Single phase AC 110V~240V/50Hz~60Hz
X-ray tube: 70Kv 8mA
Total filteration: 2.5mmAL
Exposure time: 0.1 to 4 sec
G.W(Kgs): 50KgsDental X Ray factory
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